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Roadside Memorial Stainless Steel Roadside Memorial crosses
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If looking for a high quality way to honor your family member or friend with a memorial roadside cross, then you are in the right place. We offer state of the art high quality stainless steel memorial crosses that can be used in any location to mark any spot. Please look around our site to discover all that our memorial crosses can offer. Once you are ready to purchase, simply click the purchase link on any of the pages.

About us
Reflections Everlasting Memorial stainless steel crosses began as a way of providing high quality, lasting tributes for loved ones who tragically lost their lives in roadside fatalities. Reflections Everlasting Memorials headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Lafayette, Indiana. Reflections Everlasting Memorials prides itself on giving every customer a beautiful stainless steel memorial cross that will last a lifetime.

Did you know
The custom of marking the place of death with a small cross was brought to Mexico and the southwestern United States by Spanish colonists in the 17th century. Later settlers in the region expanded the custom to include leaving small crosses at the spots wherever a casket was set down on the way to the campo santo, or burial ground. Today many people regard roadside crosses as sacred but not necessarily religious.

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